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Patient Name: Jaswinder

Beard Hair Transplant in uk
Hair Transplant in uk

Patient Name: Amit

World’s best Hair transplantation in the UK

The hair transplantation in the UK at Ludhiana hair studio has proved its excellence throughout these pasts few years. The clinic is headed by World fame and best specialist Doctors. They have vast experience in the field of the medical world and are making a remarkable difference to people's lives by restoring their hair by different methods like FUE (Follicular Unit Excision transplantation), body hair plantation, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair therapy, etc. Our Doctors and staff members are continuously upgrading their knowledge and skills with the latest developments and techniques. We ensure that our client gets the best care and result. We have the best and latest infrastructure.

With one-to-one discussion with our client, and with an informative and supportive approach, our Doctors along with client consent can take the required decisions on how they can achieve the best result, to have desired natural looking hair.

The hair issue is seen worldwide these days. The reason behind it can be stress, lifestyle or any other reason. There are so many modern techniques of surgical hair transplantation that can restore lost hair, can give young and happening look again. Men or Women, who are seeking the permanent remedy for their hair problem, can go in for Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplants It is a harvesting method where the individual grafts are removed from the donor area. Our state of the art hair transplantation results is one of the best.

If you don’t want to go in for the surgical method, the other method is a careful process involved in using PRP for hair growth. It starts with standard blood drawn from the patient and is injected into the scalp to promote hair growth. This therapy is good for people who are not completely bald and have low-density hair.

Depending upon the problem area whether it is the beard or head we provide the best possible solution to our valuable clients. Some men have a patchy beard. The men with nice beard are more attractive to women. Today in the fashion world, several studies show that men with facial hair look more attractive than clean-shaven gents, and are best suited for modelling and other sexy Ads. It gives a tough and masculine look. The bread hair transplantation is the best solution to achieve the nice bearded look that they desire.

At Ludhiana hair Studio in the UK, Our skilled and professional team give the best pre and post-surgical care to the patients. You can fill a request form to fix the appointment or can call us.

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