body hair transplant in Canada
PRP Hair Transplant in Canada

Patient Name: Jaswinder

Beard Hair Transplant in Canada
Hair Transplant in Canada

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Hair Transplant Clinic In Canada


LudhianaHairStudio is an entrenched network of hair-restoration clinics in India and around the world. We are constantly growing in this field, with a mission of catering our valuable customers with simple access to our predominant quality of administrations, surgery, and care. Our hair transplant clinic in Canada adds to our officially solid gathering of North American centers, joining our effectively successful facilities in Europe and Asia.


At LudianaHairClinic, we can guide you with your hair loss issues and will suggest the best suitable treatment for you. Our hair transplant specialists in Canada give you the best guidance to understand your balding reasons and how to overcome the condition. We are dedicated to offering you the best treatment, care, and attention.

In the past few years, we have grown globally, and we have hair plantation clinics with latest and best technologies, have served thousands of patients every year in our various branches. We have a well-equipped clinic in Canada for hair plantation with the goal of the transformation of your looks. The skill of the surgeon plays a major role on the results, as careful design of the shape of the hairline using PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma or FUE, Follicular Unit Excision transplant method, can give you results that look natural.

The following treatment is carried out by our specialists using the protective and latest technology. During the methodology, hair is taken from one area and placed into a bald or thinning area. One main advantage to use the FUE treatment method is that it does not leave an observable linear scar as other procedures do.

Some patients who are suffering from baldness have inadequate donor hair at the back of the head for a hair transplant. The surgeons have to use hair from other areas of the body for the procedure to work. In such cases, the body hair transplant is considered the best option by the surgeons to do the process. Patients who want more density and want to look more hairy and smart but have limited scalp donor, for them surgeons use body hair to accomplish their hair restoration goals.

With the growing trend of masculine looks, the growing beard is in fashion today. Men, who are not having a good beard, generally go in for the beard hair transplant treatment. The beard transplant is the process which is similar to a scalp hair transplant and takes donor hair from the back for transplant. The surgeon selects the hair which best matches your facial hair and then carefully implants at the required area.

We are an accomplished hair transplant treatment centre in India and around the world helping our patients to get the thicker and fuller mane. We spend a lot of time in doing research work related to hair loss treatments and different technologies to ensure we’re offering the best and advanced treatment to our valuable customers. To attain the best and successful results for hair restoration, you should be at the right place. We ensure you that you are in the right place. We are just one call away from you so just contact us and fix the appointment!

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