Foriegn Patients

Ludhiana Hair Studio is a hair clinic which is dedicated and committed to provide the best hair services. We have experienced team of hair transplant technicians and our expert Dr. Rohit Garg who have been giving the best possible results to the patients from all over the world.

Dr. Rohit Garg is a qualified and dedicated hair transplant surgeon. He has an extensive experience of more than 5 years with more than 1500 cases under his expert guidance. He is known for creating a natural looking hair line and giving the best possible density of transplanted hair.

We perform all our procedures using micro instruments under magnification so that the quality of our work is not compromised. At Ludhiana Hair Studio, we are known for doing difficult cases with weak donor area where we take grafts from the body areas like chest and beard etc. Our doctor and team is expert in dealing with redo cases in which transplant has already been done somewhere else, but results are not upto the mark.

At LHS , We have a special team to provide this facility in a smooth and efficient way to our patients abroad. Once you land at INDIA (New Delhi), It becomes our responsibility that you have a safe and pleasant experience in India. We promise you to give you the best possible results.

LHS is a trustworthy hair clinic in this fast growing market of hair transplant in India where many clinics are running without qualified doctor and staff. Dr. Rohit Garg is a qualified and expert hair transplant surgeon with a long list of satisfied patients.

Cost of hair transplant

At LHS the cost of hair transplant is very much affordable as compared to the cost in west earn countries. Moreover Indian currency is more economical. Also India is no less than any western countries as per scientific advancement in hair transplant is concerned. At LHS we use latest technology involving minimal risks and delivering excellent results. This gives the patient real value for his money.

Personalized consultation

At LHS to assess the magnitude of problem and working out a treatment plan accordingly we provide personalized consultation.

Expert doctor

Dr Rohit Garg is a qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon. He is dedicated to give the best hair transplant results with natural hair line using FUE hair transplant technique. Doctors from India have long been considered in the UK, USA, Australia and NZ as very skilled.

Qualified and cooperative staff

The warm and considerate staff helps to make the patients comfortable and help them clear their doubts and worries regarding the procedure.

State of art infrastructure

LHS has been so designed to provide the commendable inpatient and outpatient facilities throughout the procedure. We have the latest equipment to plan the patient care efficiently.

Cost effectiveness

At LHS patient get quality services at a very affordable price. We aim to provide excellent clinic care with the best quality procedures at a pocket friendly price. This is to ensure the highest degree of patient satisfaction.

Excellent results

At LHS we aim to deliver the results which look natural. The procedures are performed using the latest technology minimizing risks involved. This helps to give better results and enhance patient satisfaction. FUE hair transplant is getting so much attention of patients and prefer it among other techniques.

Satisfied patients

At LHS we have performed hair transplant for a large no. of patients both national and international. The fast recovery process with minimal risks and excellent results has inspired a large no of patients both Indians and overseas to choose LUDHIANA HAIR STUDIO for a hair transplant.

Accommodation and Transport Facilities

One of our representatives from Ludhiana Hair Studio will be there at New Delhi Airport with your name placard to receive you along with a personalized SUV cab. He will comfortably bring you to our clinic or hotel in Ludhiana, Punjab. The cost for this travel from New Delhi Airport will be US $110 & US $45 from Amritsar airport.

We can arrange your stay in a hotel at discounted rates as under:
3 *** hotel $75 per day
5***** hotel $175 per day
All the transport from hotel to our clinic will be free of cost.
Breakfast and lunch will be served at the clinic only.
Mode of payment: you can pay us by cash (in Dollars or INR) OR by credit card.



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