Beard Hair Transplant Treatment
For A Perfect Manly Look

If you’re suffering from baldness with facial hair, then Ludhiana Hair Studio is the best beard hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana. Here, we have a team of professional doctors who are not only experienced, but are very friendly to help make your feel comfortable and easy. With the use of latest tool and treatment facilities, we proffer the best quality services for our patients to go back satisfactorily.

Beard hair transplant in Ludhiana, India at Ludhiana Hair Studio is typically performed on men who have patchy/spotty areas in their beard. Men who consider beard as a fashion statement are very over-protective about their beard. Also, some men feel beard as a good alternative to hide acne scars or help de-emphasize (or emphasize) certain facial features. Whereas, some male individuals with small or recessed chins will sometimes use the beard to enhance their features. So, we can say that beard is an important part of men.

The best beard hair transplant treatment takes 2-4 hours to complete and during this hair is harvested from donor area (Back of the head). The hair are transplanted to required thin patchy areas of beard. Because of the excessive availability of hair in the donor area, no area is missed for transplantation in the beard. The transplanted hair grows naturally which can be trimmed and shaved.

The Beard Transplant honors following features:

  • Best & Satisfactory Results
  • Natural re-growth in a few month's starts like normal beard growth.
  • Results in fuller, thicker and richer looking beard
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Minimum Graft Wastage

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